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Circular Economy

Closing the
Material Loop

Circularity is an integral part of Polycare - and therefore also an essential field of research. In addition to developing new materials, we also research the integration of secondary products into the material cycle of a modern construction industry. To do this, we bind building rubble, industrial waste and secondary materials in our Polyblocks, which would otherwise be residual waste with an almost endless half-life.

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Closing the
Architectural Loop

One of the most important paradigm shift we believe in, is an architecture that is designed for disassembly. A building should be modular and built in a way that allows to reuse any component at any stage of the lifecycle. The challenge is to de-couple the lifecycle of the elements from the lifecycle of the building itself. Then we can transform the building industry away from "take, make, waste" towards "take, make, reuse, repair, recycle". This also creates new possibilities and unseen flexibility for future buildings.

The Concept

Polycare Value Chain with material and building circularity
Set of Polyblocks

Circularity in the Built Environment

We create new value chains so that valuable materials no longer end up in landfills nor get downcycled. Our view of the construction industry is no longer characterized by high CO2 emissions and resource depletion, but by efficiency, simplicity and flexibility.

We Are Building in A New Way

We identify secondary raw materials for the production of our building blocks. In doing so, we completely eliminate cement as a binder for our concrete, thus paving the way for the construction industry to sustainably reduce its CO2 footprint.

Waste material getting recycled
Exploded view of Polycare house

Flexiblility, Adaptability and Functionality

Every building component used in the construction of our system becomes a valuable asset of the circular economy. The system itself is designed for disassembly and reuse - in whatever new configuration needed. The data and the value of the used components are stored for the planning of new buildings, leading to the concept of a material bank.

Our Values

Think Circular
Creating New Value Chains

We shift away from linear value chains and design regenerative new processes that push products designed for the future. The principles of Reuse, Recycle and Repair guide us in everything we do.

Circular Building Material Stacks
Two co-workers are planing and designing

Value Community
Networks and Technology Transfer

Our mission is to revolutionise the building industry - we cannot do that alone. That is why we build partnerships and enable businesses around the globe to lead their own local building industries sector towards a sustainable future.

Be Flexible
Adaptability and Functionality

From the blueprint of our company ethos to the functionality of our building system - adaptability is how we break barriers respond to change quickly. This agile mindset fosters high productivity through ownership and shared success.

A wall that builds itself
View on planet earth

Create Global Impact
Purpose Driven

The impact of climate change is a matter that affects us all. Our purpose is to address the challenges within the building industry and focus on developing impactful ways to combat them.

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Andreas Kunsmann, COO

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