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Is it possible that houses can
be produced and built up
without CO2 emissions?

Building with polymer concrete is already an ecological alternative to conventional construction. Today our technology already saves about 60% CO2 emissions compared to conventional building methods - with more potential to reach carbon neutral solutions.

Is it possible, that polyester
resins are produced from
regenerative raw materials?

Polycare develops binders for the production of polymer concrete based on regenerative raw materials that do not come from the food industry. On the other side we already use recycled PET bottles to substitute raw materials.

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Woman on the veranda of his home

Is it possible that every family
in the world can afford a house?

One of our main goals is to give people around the world the opportunity to build and afford their own home. To achieve this, the efficient use of materials and building blocks is constantly part of our research and development.

Is it possible to build high-rise buildings that weigh only a quarter of what they weigh today?

With our Polyblocks, the total mass of small houses can be reduced by up to 75%. In order to apply our lightweight and modular concept to high-rise buildings, Polycare continues to develop its construction system. This will save a lot of building material from the foundation to the roof.

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debris of bricks

Is it possible that building
is completely reused?

At the moment, only 2.5% of waste products from concrete production are recycled and reused in building products. This results in a constant demand for new raw materials. In the future Polycare wants to recycle construction materials from the conventional construction industry and convert them into new building materials.

How We Do Research

Our Partners and Us

We believe in strong partnerships and networks collaboration over competition. Together with our technology partners we aim to find answers for the questions that we have and to find solutions for the challenges that we face. We can call ourselves lucky to have so many supporters around us.

Tests and Approvals

Polycare participates from its development partners. We are in close contact with various renowned universities, approval institutions, material and testing institutes and other research institutes and we already have building permits in the SADC region in southern Africa and in Germany.

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