Building a House Has
Never Been so Easy

The Blocks

  1. Empowering

  2. Affordable

  3. Sustainable

  4. Livable

An arragement of different components, doors, windows, beams, pallets of Polyblocks, from the polyblocks universe

Endless Possibilities

With a total of 5 blocks all straight wall configurations can be easily built in any geometry. A range of other components, like window and door intels make our system complete allowing the construction of complex buildings by hand.

section through a Polyblock, showing the insulation


More than 80% of the block volume consists of insulation. The insulation core provides protection against coldness and heating. The shell of the block accounts for 20% (by volume) and is made of polymer concrete, which takes over the statics. With 1m³ polymer concrete 20m² of wall surface can be build.

Special Block

For the installation of the sanitation pipes there is an additional block. This block corresponds to the dimensions of the other Polyblocks. There are openings on the sides, which allow the installation of pipe systems for fresh and waste water. Electric power cables can be lead through every Polyblock (vertically) and special blocks (horizontally)

Pipes running through the inside of an Polyblock, shown as section
Polyblocks are put together, constructing a wall


Fire resistance class
Fire resistance class
REI30 – REI120
Building material classification
Building material classification
B1 or B2
U-Value (Isolation)
U-Value (Isolation)
0,37 W/(m²K)
Wall weight per m²
Wall weight per m²
100 – 110 kg

The Material

Polymer Concrete

Polyblocks are made by polymer concrete which consists 90% filler of naturally occurring sands and 10% binder.​ The sands are freely available raw materials​ such as desert sand, overburden material from the mining industry or even standardized sand.​ The binder based on an unsaturated polyester resin mixture which is produced to a large extent from recycled PET (poly-​ Ethylene terephthalate).

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Polymer Concrete Polyblock lightweight

Material Benefits

Compared to conventional concrete our polymer concrete has lots of beneficial features when it comes to water consumption, carbon emissions, compressive strength and density.

The System


The base bar forms the basis for the wall sections. The parts are connected
to each other via steel straps. A threaded rod is screwed in every meter


The Polyblocks will be placed on top of each other
according to the layout plan


A series of further construction blocks, such as window and door lintels
as well as window sills complete the program

Ring Beam

The ring beam strips are placed on top of the last row of blocks.
The threaded rods come from the base bar through the ring beams and are fixed


Any roofing solution can be easily applied
to our building system


  • No mortar
    and glue is needed

  • Can be build by
    unskilled workers

  • Easy to transport
    due to lightweight

  • Various expansion

  • No water is

  • Very short
    construction time

  • Possibility to
    plaster and paint

  • No heavy machines

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