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The Re-Built
Gehlberg, Germany

With our new office space in Gehlberg we proved that our Polyblocks can be reused after they were dismantled. The building is built on 24 ground screws as the design is inspired by the concept of circular economy. Today we love working in our new space that we use for workshops and team meetings.

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Polyspaces Re-Built Project Gehlberg
Community church build from Polyblocks

Community Church
Mount Etjo, Namibia

The church in Mount Etjo (Namibia) was built in 5 days. It was funded by a donation to replace the old church that was made of a small shipping container. Today the whole community has a well structured, safe building to gather to.

Ablution Block by BOXA
Johannesburg, South Africa

BOXA Loos are ideal for schools. This children’s bathroom was built next to an Early Childhood Development centre. Rainwater is harvested, filtered and stored for use in hand basins, human waste is converted to compost in the Enviro Loos and solar power is stored to power lights and the water pump.

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Ablution Block by BOXA in Johannesburg South Africa
Changemaker Center by BOXA in Johannesburg, South Africa

Changemaker Center by BOXA
Johannesburg, South Africa

The Changemaker Centre is a smart and green building in Victoria Yards. It was built in just 5 days and was completely finished in a week. It’s a space to work learn and play.

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Family Home

This is a standard family home with about 55 square meters in Namibia. Our factory near Windhoek produces the blocks and develops the (individual) designs. Check out their website to learn more about their work.

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Familiy home in Namibia
RehoCourt Residential Buildings Namibia

RehoCourt Residential
Rehoboth, Namibia

RehoCourt comprises a gated and secured residential development of 12 dwellings. The houses will serve the affordable housing market. The project was the first of its kind, with Polycare taking on a complete building project of residential units in cooperation with the Fortitude Property Group.

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Omuthiya, Namibia

Along with sponsorship received from Klaus Schade and Olthaver & List, Polycare was able to help The Oshinamumwe Combined School to give their learners a good foundation to begin their education journeys. Until 2020, the school only had the space and resources to teach students from grade 1 to 11, overlooking a very important part of their early development. The project was part of the empowerment projects, envisaged to drive positive change. The project was completed in only 2 weeks.

Kindergarten Namibia
Polycare Polyspaces

Flexible & Green Workplaces

Polyspaces offer the necessary flexibility for a working world that is changing rapidly. We deliver individual and sustainable work spaces that can be set up and dismantled within a week - expandable as required and with a good working atmosphere. Polyspaces can be used in a wide variety of ways - as an office, café, workshop and much more.

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