Our Approach

Rethinking Value Chains
in the Construction Industry

Production to Reuse

Value Chain - 1. Production - 2. Design - 3. Transport - 4. Construction - 5. Re-Usage
Factory recycling industrial waste products to produce low carbon geopolymer concrete


  • No cement needed
  • Geopolymer made of secondary raw materials
  • 80% less CO2 emissions than conventional concrete


  • Customized designs through co-creation
  • Standard designs off the shelf
  • Assisted process with our software and team
Software for Polyblocks data and value to be stored in material bank
Lightweight building materials for easy transport


  • Short transport routes due to local production
  • 70% less weight to be transported for a house
  • "house in a box" – everything you need on site

Construction Site

  • No mortar needed
  • Easy & short construction time
  • System is easy to teach and learn
  • No waste or emissions on site
Construction plan pointing at lego modular buildings
Disassembled house and Polyblocks on palette to show sustainable buildings examples


  • Later constructions can differ to the first one
  • Polyblocks are reusable for later constructions
  • Dismantling house instead of demolition
  • New revenue streams
  • Minimizing waste at the end of the lifecycle
  • Polyblocks made
    of local material

  • Customized designs
    through co-creation

  • Short transport routes
    due to local production

  • No waste and
    emissions on site

  • Low energy

  • Creating
    local jobs

  • Designed for your
    local conditions

  • 1 line produces blocks
    for 1 house per day

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Isabel Faller, People & Culture