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Our Partner Network

We work with architects, developers and building professionals as off-take partners for our product.

Why We Value Partnerships

In order to create impactful solutions, we need a systemic change, requiring participation from all involved in the process. Each stakeholder plays a vital role - from the materials used, to the design and eventual disassembly.

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Why Partner With Us?

Our technology provides professionals with a sustainable and easy to use material for construction. The benefit of a circular building system means that value preservation of an investment goes beyond the life span of a building.

Our Resources for Building Professionals

Technical Data Sheet (soon)
Building Manual
IFC Drawing Samples


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We host informative workshops that answer your questions and allow you to visit and experience our product at the our Headquarters in the Thuringian forest .

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Experience the Product
Want to get an idea of what the blocks look and feel like?

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Felix Bauroth, Product & Market Developer

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