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The Re-Built
Gehlberg, Germany

With our new office space in Gehlberg we proved that our Polyblocks can be reused after they were dismantled. The building is built on 24 ground screws as the design is inspired by the concept of circular economy. Today the space is used for collaborative workshops and meetings.

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Polyspaces Re-Built Project Gehlberg
3D Rendering of Community Center in Ahrtal

Community Centre
Ahrtal, Germany

In partnership with Gemeinde Grafschaft represented by Mayor Achim Juchem, we built Community Centre for the local residents affected by the 2021 Ahr valley flood. Almost all building components can be disassembled and rebuilt for use for another building in the future.

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Boisbuchet House
Lussac, France

Using a clover shaped design inspired by the surrounding nature to display the flexibility of our system and one of the many ways it can be applied.

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Building at Domaine Boisbuchet

SBIR Project
Namibia and South Africa

For this project, we made use of spent foundry sands to manufacture our blocks to build a temporary 4 storey tower that will be reconstructed as a learning pavilion at a new location.

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Gehlberg, Germany

We built up this space in a few hours for an exhibition to showcase our system for versatile and flexible offices in Frankfurt. The building now stands as a rebuilt version at our HQ in Gehlberg.

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