Together We Build
A Better Future

Our Core Values

Enabling everybody
to build a house

Looking at the global challenges we are facing today and within the next decades people should be able to create and build their own homes to live a life of dignity and joy. Empowering people is the core driver of our venture.

Girl constructing a wall with Polyblocks
A shore with clean water

Taking Care of Our Planet

We only have this one earth. On our endless journey through the galaxis we need to learn how to handle the resources that we have and thus, start to think differently. „Take, make, waste" and energy-intensive processes are no longer the way forward.

Making Homes
for Everyone

Affordable housing is a global challenge in both developing and advanced economies. 330 million urban households around the world today lack decent housing or are so financially stretched by housing costs that they forgo other basic needs, including food, health care, and schooling for children. At Polycare, we are comitted to the task of making living space affordable.

Father holding his child in joy
Four children running down a street, smiling

Creating Spaces
That Are Liveworthy

Decent, affordable housing is fundamental to the health and well-being of people and to the smooth functioning of economies. The demand for livable spaces has never been higher than today. More than one billion people do not have access to a decent place to live - a place they can call their home.

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Dr. Gerhard Dust, Founder & CEO

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