From Sand to Polyblocks
in 20 Minutes

The Setup


With one dosing and mixing unit around 400 houses (60 m2 living space)
can be produced per year in a two-shift system. For a circle production 80 moulds are needed.


Every 30 Seconds one mould
will be filled


20 minutes are needed
for curing.


After demoulding, the Polyblocks
can be stored on pallets.


Moulds will be prepared and
can be filled again.


After just 24 hours, the Polyblocks can be brought to the construction site and installed.
The blocks are already fully cured and have their final load bearing capacity

production line in factory in Gehlberg Germany

Factory in Germany

In Germany we are combining research and development with production of our Polyblocks. We are placed in the Thuringian forest in a historic place of invention where the first x-ray tube was developed. Today we have a diverse team of 15 people working on research & development as well as on production.

Factory in Namibia

Polycare Namibia was founded in 2019. The factory went live in February 2019 with 15 men and 15 women employed in the factory. Building with our Polyblocks belongs to the most affordable offerings in Namibia today - with significant higher quality and sustainability. Check out their website.

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worker filling a Polyblock mould with the polymer concrete mixture


  • Set up in
    4-6 weeks

  • Turn-key

  • No kilning or
    heating required

  • Easy

  • Low energy

  • 1 line creates
    30 local jobs

  • Designed for your
    local conditions

  • 1 line delivers
    1 house per 8h shift

You want to learn more about
our production or start a
partnership with us?

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Robert Rösler, CTO

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