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Polybuilder Blueprint Floorplan Interactive Sketch Draw

1. Design

An existing floor plan is transferred to the Polybuilder or the floor plan is created from scratch. All information for the cost calculation is then automatically generated. If necessary, at this point the fully calculated wall system can be exported as an IFC file for further planning with CAD and BIM software.

2. Production

The Polybuilder calculates precisely which parts are required, such as Polyblocks, screws or connecting elements. Individual special parts – such as ground bars, cover plates and ring beams – are produced. The positions of the threaded rods in the base bars are calculated for production and standard Polyblocks are taken from stock.

ready to build material
Required materials transported to construction site

3. Transport

Thanks to the detailed information reflected on the parts list, the logistics can be planned at an early stage. Only the required elements are transported to the construction site, along side with some spare parts and tools if necessary.

4. Setup

The polybuilder also creates an easy-to-read and color-coded blueprint for on-site construction. This blueprint can also be grasped by laypeople. Every part has its place, adapting of components on the construction site is not necessary, which means that no building rubble is created.

Polybuilder interactive 3D visualisation
digital twin building component library

5. Dismantling

Since we have a digital twin of each building, it is well documented what components are used and installed. Therefore the dismantling and reuse of the components can be planned upfront and is supported by the Polybuilder.


  • BIM-ready
    model export

  • Exactly calculated
    material parts list

  • Supports
    eco-friendly logistics

  • Easy-to-read and
    color-coded visual output

  • Completely digitalized

  • Quick changes
    to the design

  • Eliminates
    waste on site

  • Precise quoting and
    pricing of a project

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