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The Road to Net Zero

Where Are We Going?

Our research and development is focused mainly on driving decarbonisation and carbon storing in the blocks, carving a road to a material that enables the industry to reduce its footprint and developing the potential to becoming carbon negative.

Secondary Raw Materials

Polycare has already investigated versatile waste streams and demonstrated their potential reuse as building materials to return these raw materials to their inherent value. To bring it on the market we need regulations where we are working on.

Secondary Raw Materials

Insulation Materials

In order to adequate spaces, thermal and sound insulation is essential. Polycare develops sustainable reusable CO2 negative insulation materials to complete our system.

Optimization of the Polyblock System

To make the Polyblocks even more user-friendly, Polycare is developing further system components such as special gable blocks and foundation systems. In addition, the system is being expanded with matching roof elements, façade systems and deconstructible sanitary and electrical installations.

Polyblock Types
Engineer holding different material samples


Geopolymers are the building materials of the future. Polycare recognised this early on and is developing high-quality ecological binder systems that will replace cement in the future. In addition, our research & development focuses on the integration of carbon sinks to create CO2-negative building blocks.


  • Road to net zero building materials

  • Digitization

  • Research and feedback focused development

  • Potential for carbon storing

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