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Where Are We Going?

Our efforts are aimed towards regeneration, striving towards building structures that not only minimize negative impacts but actively contribute to the health and resilience of the environment and community.

We can already demonstrate that resource-efficient, carbon-reduced, and circular building is not only feasible but also economically viable.
On our path towards a regenerative construction industry, we focus on driving decarbonisation of our concrete and integrating carbon sinks into the system.

We envision a future where the building industry becomes one of the biggest contributors in permanently storing CO2

Using Secondary Raw Materials

Polycare has already investigated versatile material streams and demonstrated their potential for reintegrating them into concrete recipes. The goal is to save primary raw materials and to prevent existing materials from ending up in landfills and dumps. Very often we can conserve their embodied carbon and return these raw materials to their inherent value.

Together with our partners we work on a future where already used materials are always a source or "nutrition" for new products. The idea of "waste" is no longer viable. Analysis and testing of these materials is always crucial to ensure a healthy living environment.

Regenerative constructions means...

Carbon Sinks - Storing CO2 in Buildings, not emitting

Reducing CO2 emissions is not enough. We have to start acting in a regenerative way and lock carbon in long-lasting products. Buildings are the most visible impact of us humans on the planet. Thus tackling the built environment has the largest potential and leverage point for true change.
With carbonated materials or biochar incorporated in our building systems we have the opportunity to create the largest anthropogenic carbon sink on earth.

Circularity - Outdesign Destruction and Waste

Today, buildings need to be resilient and adaptable to different environments and changing user needs. That's why we think and develop building products for long-lasting use and multiple life cycles.
The cradle-to-cradle approach and circular design principles guide us in our research and development. The first circular masonry system SEMBLA embodies our philosophy and shows what design for disassembly and reuse means for us.

Polyblock Types
Engineer holding different material samples

Geopolymers - A superior Concrete

Geopolymers are one of the building materials of the future. Polycare recognised this early on and is developing high-quality ecological binder systems that will replace CO2-intensive binders such as cement in the future.

We already gained a lot from our path to sustainable construction materials and products. Let's get in touch and co-create a regenerative future!

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Philipp Scherer, Head of Sustainability

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