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In 2010, in response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Polycare was founded. Dr. Gerhard Dust and Gunther Plötner were looking for a way to build affordable, durable and comfortable houses made of locally available (secondary) raw materials without the need for expensive equipment. This led to the foundation of our philosophy that we still inherit today and also to our beautiful headquarters in the middle of the Thuringian Forest.

If you want to read more about our history, feel free to dive through our blog posts from that time.

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Polycare Founders Dr. Gerhard Dust and Gunther Plötner
Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team, with years of experience, drive forward our mission to revolutionise the construction industry and motivate to continuously push the boundaries.

Our Team Leads

Our technical minds steering our innovations and empowering our teams to implement sustainable solutions operationally.

Our R&D Team

Our Material Scientists, Chemists and Environmental Engineers passionately develop groundbreaking building materials on our way to a regenerative future.

Our Production Team

The engine behind our technical excellence and sustainable production processes.

Avatar image of Andreas Göbel
Andreas Göbel
Avatar image of Andreas Kunsmann
Andreas Kunsmann
Avatar image of Benedikt Musiol
Benedikt Musiol
Development Engineer
Avatar image of Felix Bauroth
Felix Bauroth
Head of Product
Avatar image of Dr. Gaone Koma
Dr. Gaone Koma
Head of Material Science
Avatar image of Heiko Wehmeyer
Heiko Wehmeyer
Logistics & Facility Manager
Avatar image of Isabel Faller
Isabel Faller
Head of Strategic Partnerships & People
Avatar image of Jürgen Fischer
Jürgen Fischer
Process Technician & Production Lead
Avatar image of Michael Preuß
Michael Preuß
Avatar image of Michel Schmeck
Michel Schmeck
Head of Systems Engineering
Avatar image of Narendra Donthula
Narendra Donthula
Avatar image of Nicolas Schönberger
Nicolas Schönberger
Video & Content Creation
Avatar image of Patrick Müller
Patrick Müller
Material Scientist
Avatar image of Paul Jekal
Paul Jekal
Avatar image of Philipp Scherer
Philipp Scherer
Head of Sustainability
Avatar image of Robby Lenz
Robby Lenz
Avatar image of Robert Rösler
Robert Rösler
Avatar image of Silvia Reschke
Silvia Reschke
Avatar image of Tibor Bädecker
Tibor Bädecker
Head of Factory Tech
Avatar image of Tim Kaiser
Tim Kaiser
Accounting & Finance

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Our press kit is packed with lots of interesting content. If you need more specific material, please get in contact. We’re happy to share that with you.

Press Kit

Prizes & Awards

Winner of the UNIDO ITPO
Global Call 2021

We are very proud winners of the UNIDO ITPO Global Call 2021 in the category "Circular Production and Industrial Processes". The award is dedicated to our work in the context of our efforts to integrate local secondary raw materials into the production of our Polyblocks that can be re-used again after dismantling a building after the end-of-life. At Polycare we are calling this Material Circularity and Building Circularity.

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Winner of the German Entrepreneurship Award for Development 2021

The German Entrepreneurship Award for Development is conferred every two years on the initiative of the Carl-Duisberg-Gesellschaft e.V. (CDG) on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The award honours the commitment of companies in developing and emerging countries that goes beyond the corporate objective and that benefits the local people. Polycare is the awardee in category A that is intended for companies that are already operating successfully abroad and make a contribution towards improving local social or environmental conditions, over and above their entrepreneurial activity.

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Andreas Kunsmann, Co-CEO

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