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Partnership Model

Let´s create global impact together

We are expanding with our franchise model so that we can create global impact together - for a sustainable and resilient construction industry that serves future generations. Become a franchise partner and build your own SEMBLA Production. Please have a look on our process and the way we do business.

Figure showing, there are 7 steps towards a polycare factory

Part 1 – Set Up
Your Steps Towards a Turn-Key Polycare Factory

  1. Joint feasibility study & evaluation
  2. Recipe optimization with your local samples
  3. Planning and designing the Factory
  4. Final business plan & funding
  5. Company building of local entity
  6. Production of factory components
  7. Installment and training of local staff on site

Part 2 – Your Production
Our Value Proposition

  1. Paying a license fee according to your productivity
  2. That finances our R&D and your development requests
  3. Joint implementation of new innovations
  4. Enhancing your competitive advantage
  5. Technical services (remote & on-site)
Figure showing, there are 5 recurring steps after the factory starts producing

Why Invest in SEMBLA?

  • Sustainable
    Business Case

  • Zero Waste

  • Access to Business
    Model Innovation

  • Access to our
    Future Developments

part of a Polycare factory

Are you interested?

Starting  in Q3 of 2024, we invite active engagement with prospective collaboration partners. Our focus is directed towards markets with a substantial demand for infrastructure, a receptiveness to embrace cement-free concrete solutions, and a reliable supply of viable by-products for integration into our pozzolanic material formulations.

Franchise partnerships will be available from Q3 2024 - stay informed with our newsletter.

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Isabel Faller, Head of Strategic Partnerships