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Business Model

Figure showing, there are 7 steps towards a polycare factory

Part 1 – Set Up
Your Steps Towards a Turn-Key Polycare Factory

  1. Joint feasibility study & evaluation
  2. Recipe optimization with your local samples
  3. Planning and designing the Factory
  4. Final business plan & funding
  5. Company building of local entity
  6. Production of factory components
  7. Installment and training of local staff on site

Part 2 – Your Production
Our Value Proposition

  1. Paying a license fee according to your productivity
  2. That finances our R&D and your development requests
  3. Joint implementation of new innovations
  4. Enhancing your competitive advantage
  5. Technical services (remote & on-site)
Figure showing, there are 5 recurring steps after the factory starts producing

Your Investment

The Heart of Our Partnership

Our business model and the factory are designed to make your investment as efficient as possible.

CAPEX factory
CAPEX factory
1.2 - 1.6 Mio €
Initial working capital
Initial working capital
500-700 k €
Output (50 sqm equivalent)
Output (50 sqm equivalent)
1 house per 8h
Return of Capital Employed
Return of Capital Employed
3-4 years
part of a Polycare factory
  • Pool of

  • Pool of Housing

  • Access to

  • Access to

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Muchemwa Siame, Business Development Manager

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