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Our Circular Masonry System

Simply Circular

Construct any project fast and efficiently with SEMBLA® – no drying times required. The blocks interlock with the help of connecting elements. This allows for smooth and rapid progress on any construction site.

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SEMBLA hollow core geopolymer block with connection elements, disassembly
SEMBLA hollow core geopolymer block to build circular


Today, less than one percent of building components are reused. Materials often end up in down-cycling or landfills. SEMBLA® is designed for multiple life cycles across different building types. Its micro-modularity allows for reconfiguration and assembly, promoting sustainable reuse.


The SEMBLA® masonry system is composed of low-carbon concrete based on geopolymers, making it a fully mineral construction material. The binder is made up of puzzolanic materials such as naturally occurring resources or industrial by-products. This results in geopolymetric concrete having up to a 70 percent lower carbon footprint while being simultaneously stronger and more durable.

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Geopolymer Concrete Test Body
Generative Design tool to plan with Sembla Circular Masonry System

Circular Planning made Easy

The SEMBLA® Builder acts as a plug-in for an efficient process along the entire chain – starting with the derivation of the construction configuration and the creation of tailored construction instructions. It enables the precise generation of a bill of materials for effective implementation in production and logistics. Additionally, it assists in creating the digital twin, serving as a comprehensive information package for both the building resource passport and the planning of deconstruction or dismantling.


Circular buildings stand out due to shortened construction times and efficient deconstruction or remodeling. The SEMBLA® masonry system provides a reuse rate of over 90 percent, allowing you to significantly reduce material costs in future usage cycles.


  • 70% CO2

  • Designed for disassembly
    and reuse

  • Very high durability
    and resistance

  • Made of up to 95%
    recycled by-products

  • No Mortar or
    Glue needed

  • Enables fast,
    clean construction

  • 50-70 MPa
    compressive strength

  • An easy-to-mine
    material bank


How it works

The SEMBLA® blocks are manufactured using a stationary board machine and demolded while still damp. The process is perfectly adapted to the material and block design. High material strengths are achieved through compression and "stamping" the blocks. Following the demolding process, blocks are stored on shelves at room temperature for curing.

Energy Efficient

Utilizing an innovative binding agent and replacing cement entirely allows us to eliminate firing or high-energy heating processes. As a result, an operational production facility of approximately 3000 m2 requires a maximum of 300 kW power and minimal water consumption. This not only significantly reduces CO2 emissions in our product but also in the production process.

SEMBLA International

Currently, in Gehlberg, we are manufacturing blocks for our first commissioned building project scheduled to commence in spring 2024 in Germany. A larger-scale production facility will be established in North Rhine-Westphalia towards the end of 2024. This marks the point from which we will be able to offer SEMBLA as a licensing product to international partners.

Do you want to find out more about SEMBLA®, feel free to check out product website.

Product Website

Felix Bauroth, Head of Product

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